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Plans & Subscriptions

Plans on SCNX are server-specific payment options unlocking more features on SCNX.

All available plans and their features


Final prices depend on your currency and payment interval and will be displayed before purchase. To view prices including currency, visit

FeatureStarter-PlanActive Guild PlanPRO-Plan
PriceFree for ever€3.00 / month, €33.00 / year or €79.99 once€6.00 / month, €66.00 / year or €159.99 once
Full access to the SCNX DashboardIncludedIncludedIncluded
dcserver.link50+ members without bots requiredIncludedIncluded
Custom Discord-Bot, hosted 24/7Included, but needs to be extended every two weeks by watching adsIncludedIncluded
Custom Modmail-Bot, hosted 24/7Not availableIncludedIncluded
Remove mention of SCNX from your all your bots (e.g. Embed-Footer)Not availableNot availableIncluded
Server analyticsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Amount of AI Credits awarded on the 25. of each month2050100
Commercial usageNot allowedNot allowedAllowed
Custom-Bot: Custom-Commands1042unlimited
SCNX Backups: Available Backup-Slots2510
SCNX Backups: Automatic BackupsNot availableOnce a dayTwice a day
SCNX Backups: Messages stored per channel per backup102050
SCNX Backups: Export BackupsNot availableNot availableIncluded
Remove the SCNX Manager Bot
⚠️ Removing the SCNX Manager bot will disable some SCNX features, like Backups or Analytics.
Not availableNot availablePossible, but disables certain SCNX features.
Additional Plan-Restrictions for certain Custom-Bot Modules

Some modules include additional plan requirement for creating multiple items (e.g. users to monitor in case of Twitter-Notifications).

Please note that certain features or fields allowing greater customizations might be locked behind the PRO-Plan in certain modules. You can still use the module without a PRO-Plan, but you might be unable to edit a certain field.

ModuleStarter-PlanActive Guild PlanPRO-Plan
Automatic Messages (per category)2515

Upgrade your plan

To upgrade your SCNX Server plan, please visit the pricing page of your server and open the upgrade modal. Here, select the Payment-Terms (available options: "One-Time", "Monthly", "Yearly", "Lifetime") and your currency. If you want to pay using SCNX Credits, please indicate this now.

Your next steps will be different, depending on what Payment terms you've selected. Please follow the instructions in the dashboard and return to this page if you have any questions or concerns — we'll do our best to cover them in our Frequently asked questions section.


Lifetime plans

  • are not bound to servers, instead to users - they can be transferred every 7 days (this is optional).
  • will include features of the respective plan as long as SCNX exists ( see SCNX Terms of Service) - even if we change the name of plans or package content.
  • are offered for a limited-time-only to allow us to expand - they will be removed in the future.
  • ensure that you will not get charged again, even if we increase the prices of plans.
  • allow us to keep improving this service ❤️

Purchase a Lifetime-Plan

To purchase a Lifetime-Plan open your Liftime-Plan Panel and select the plan you want to purchase. Next, finish the purchase using your favorite payment method - you'll be able to select the server you want to use the plan on later.

Once you have finished your purchase, return to the Liftime-Plan Panel and follow the instructions to apply a Lifetime-Plan.

You can own as many Lifetime-Plans as you want - each of which you can transfer between servers, if you want to.

Apply or transfer a Lifetime-Plan to a server


You can apply a Lifetime-Plan on any server you have access to. A Lifetime-Plan can be transferred between servers every 7 days.

After purchasing a Lifetime-Plan needs to be applied to a server. This means that the server will be upgraded to the plan of your lifetime-plan and will have this plan until you remove the lifetime-plan from this server. The same process can be used to transfer a Lifetime-Plan from one server to another.

To apply or transfer a Lifetime-Plan, visit the Liftime-Plan Panel in your dashboard. There, click on "Manage Lifetime-Plan" next to the Lifetime-Plan you want to manage. A modal will appear containing details about your Lifetime-Plan. Click on "Transfer Lifetime-Plan to another server" and select the server you want to transfer the plan to. SCNX will run a few checks to make sure the server you want to transfer the plan to is ready - once that's done, confirm your request. If you see a warning or error, please refer to the table below for details.

A warning or error is being shown when I want to transfer my Lifetime-Plan
This guild is already using a Lifetime-Plan.Another (or this) Lifetime-Plan is already applied to this guild.
This guild as an active subscription.This guild is currently subscribed to a subscription. Lifetime-Plans can not be applied to servers with an active subscription.
  • Cancel the subscription and wait until it expires.
  • Contact our staff to remove it immediately.
This guild has [a plan]. Continuing will overwrite this plan.This means that the server still has some time left in its current plan. Continuing will remove this time, and we can not restore it.You can continue by acknowledging that the server will lose its current Plan-Time (the Lifetime-Plan will still be applied). Alternatively, you can wait until the current plan has expired.
This guild has [a plan]. You can not continue as this action would overwrite the plan of this guild, and you are not the owner.Only the server owner can apply their own Lifetime-Plan if such application leads to Plan-Time loss.
  • Contact the Server-Owner that you want to apply a Lifetime-Plan and that they should no longer extend the Plan-Time of their server. Wait until the current Server-Plan expires.
  • Contact our staff for advice.
This Lifetime-Plan needs to cool downLifetime-Plans can only be transferred every 7 days between servers. This Lifetime-Plan has been transferred in the last 7 days.Wait until the cooldown-period expires.

Ad-Supported Starter Plan

Every server without a paid plan is required to periodically watch a so-called Checkin-Video-Ad; otherwise their bot will temporarily stop after their free plan ends, until they watch another ad. These are short 15-60s videos from advertisers. The advertiser you watch this advertisement from is then paying for your hosting costs. These Checkins need to happen every 14 days. You can also extend this time to 28 days by watching two Checkin-Ads at a time. You can watch these video ads on your server's pricing page.

Please remember: There are no (and there never will be) third-party-ads in your Custom- or Modmail-Bots. The bots themselves are free of ads. You only need to watch an advertisement in your SCNX-Dashboard every 14 days to keep your bot running.

You can watch up to two ads at a time which sumps up to 28 days of hosting time. You can not have more than 28 days of hosting time at a time. You can also ask your Trusted Admins to watch videos for your server.

If you forget to extend your hosting time, your bots will shut down, and you won't be able to start them again without extending your hosting time. No data will be deleted in such a case. You can set up a notification 24 hours before your Hosting-Time ends in your server's pricing page under "Manage Free-Plan" -> "Manage notifications" to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you want to advertise on SCNX, please check our advertising on SCNX documentation.

Frequently asked questions

I have a question about using SEPA reoccurring payments / standing orders for my subscription

Please refer to our guide on this topic.

I can't upgrade my subscription to the PRO-Plan because it's shown as "inactive"
  • Please make sure you haven't canceled your subscription.
  • Make sure your subscription does not start in the future (this happens when you switch from One-Time-Upgrades to a subscription) - in such case, our staff needs to perform the upgrade manually.
  • Contact our staff, so they can look into this issue.
Is there a free trial available?

Yes, you can start a free trial in your dashboard if these requirements are meet:

  • Your server has not participated in a free trial before.
  • Your server has not been upgraded before.
  • Your server has not been deleted from SCNX before.

You do not need to provide any payment method to start a free trial - the only thing you need to do is to press a button. To check if you are eligible, open the pricing page of your server where a free-trial banner will be displayed in case you are eligible.

Can I switch my One-Time-Upgrade to a subscription?

Yes, visit the pricing page of open the upgrade-modal by clicking "Extend". There, simply select the Payment-Terms / Interval of the subscription you want - any time left on your current plan will be credited towards your subscription.

What payment methods are available?
CurrencyPayment Methods for one-time purchases (including Lifetime-Plans)Payment Methods for subscriptions
EuroCredit-Card, PayPal, SEPA-Bank-Transfer, paysafecard, Sofort, SEPA-Direct-Debit, EPS, Giropay, iDEAL, Przelewy24, Bancontact, WeChat Pay, AlipayCredit-Card, PayPal, SEPA-Direct-Debit, Reoccurring Bank-Transfer
US-DollarCredit-Card, PayPalCredit-Card, PayPal
Swiss FrancCredit-Card, PayPalCredit-Card, PayPal
British poundCredit-Card, PayPalCredit-Card, PayPal
I already have a subscription or Plan and want to switch to a Lifetime-Plan. Can my existing plan be prorated?

If your plan or subscription has more than two months left, we might be able to prorate your Lifetime-Purchase or issue a prorated refund. Please contact our staff.

Can I transfer my plan and remaining Plan time or subscriptions to another server?

Our team can manually transfer your plan and associated data (like remaining Plan time and subscriptions) if one of the following conditions is being met:

  • Your plan is being paid by an active subscription
  • Your remaining Plan time is more than a month

You can only request a Plan transfer once every 6 months.
To start such a transfer, please contact our staff. Please note that we might deny your request if we believe you abuse this policy. It also makes sense to reach out if you do not meet these requirements, as our staff can make exceptions on a case-to-case-basis. If you plan to request a complete data transfer to another server (this includes configuration data of bots and more), please do not request a plan-transfer as this makes a complete data transfer impossible.

Please note: Transferring your plan will overwrite an existing Plan date. Plan times from both servers will not be summed up.