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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about how servers work on SCNX.

Why do I need to be the owner to add a server to SCNX?

Only the owner can sign up a new Discord-Server to SCNX. The reason for this is legal and based on our Terms of Service - we might change this in the future. For now, you can simply ask the owner to set up SCNX on their server and ask them to give you trusted admin permissions.

Can I create multiple Discord-Bots for a server?

Sort of - you can create one Custom Bot and one Modmail Bot per server. But you can not split features of the Custom-Bot into multiple bots (for example one bot for just Temp-Channels). While you can add your bot to other servers, they won't work on them. The reason for it is that hosting more bots would be very expensive for us, but the even bigger reason is the very design of SCNX: We designed our system to replace often multiple generic bots on a server by one, custom bot.

Can I remove the SCNX Manager Bot?

No. The SCNX Manager bot is needed for your dashboard to work. But if you are not interested in using analytics or backups on your server, you can remove the "View Channel" permission on every channel from the bot - this hides the SCNX Bot from the member-list.

What counts as commercial usage?

To use SCNX in any commercial manner or situation, you'll need to purchase the SCNX PRO Plan. Please read this FAQ-Article to learn more about, appeal or report commercial usage on SCNX.

My server got banned / deactivated / flagged on SCNX - what can I do now?

Oh no - please follow the instructions on your dashboard. If you need help, please reach out to our staff.

Can I transfer all my SCNX Data from one server to another?

You can request a "complete data transfer" if both of your servers are currently active on SCNX (please add the new server before creating a request), and you are the owner of both servers.

As this process involves manual labor from our site, the following policies apply:

  • Your (your user-account's) first complete data transfer is free, if at least one of your servers has an active, paid plan.
  • If you have already requested a complete data transfer for this or any other server, you will be charged one SCNX Credit, please make sure you have at least one credit left on your balance.
  • If none of your servers have an active paid plan, you will be charged one SCNX Credit, please make sure you have at least one credit left on your balance.

ALL data will be completely transferred to your new server. This will overwrite existing settings for your new server.

To request a complete data transfer, please contact our team.

How can I remove my server from SCNX?

We're sorry that you want to leave SCNX - if you are only experiencing an issue with SCNX, we are happy to help on our Discord.


Deleting a server on SCNX is irreversible. You need to be the owner to delete a server from SCNX. If you have an active plan, subscription or purchase for the server you delete, this will be lost.

If you want to delete your server permanently from SCNX, visit the server settings. Scroll down to the "Legal" section and click on "Delete guild from SCNX". You'll be asked to select a reason (you won't need to elaborate) for deletion. Next, you'll receive a DM to confirm your deletion request. Click the button below the DM to confirm your request, and your server will be removed from SCNX - you'll receive confirmation once that's done via DMs - that usually takes about 1-5 minutes.