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About SCNX

Welcome to SCNX. SCNX is a system designed for communites to create their own Discord-Bots.

Features for Servers

Servers are the main way you'll interact with SCNX: You can add as many as you like, and each of them will be able to use their own set of features:

To learn more about prices, subscriptions and plans on SCNX, visit the Subscriptions & Plans documentation. Additionally, we've added a detailed frequently asked questions section about servers on SCNX.

Features for users

  • SCNX Toolbox: A set of tools to make your life as a professional Discord-User easier. You can open the toolbox documentation.
  • SCNX Ads: Advertise your server or product on SCNX. You can open the Ads on SCNX documentation.
  • SCNX Referrals: Earn a commission for purchased plans on SCNX. You can open the Referrals documentation.
  • SCNX File Storage: Host images and more for your Discord servers and embed them directly on SCNX.
  • SC Network Memberships (outdated): More information will be made available shortly.

We've also added a FAQ about user accounts & billing so you can easily find answers to any questions you might have.

Other (behind-the-scenes) parts of SCNX


ScootKit is a German-based company running SCNX and other service-as-a-service products.

  • ScootKit Merch Store: Purchase physical SCNX Merch.
  • Feature Board: Suggest new features for SCNX Products.
  • SCNX Marketplace: A system for third-parties to integrate new and existing products into SCNX.
  • SCNX Documentation: This documentation aimed to explain as many features of SCNX in detail as possible.
  • SCNX FAQ: Legacy articles about a few topics on SCNX (mostly used for legal stuff). Previously used as documentation and was replaced by this newer site.
  • Helpful tips, guides & ticks about SCNX and Discord.
  • SCNX Dynamic Image Generation: A system to generate dynamic images for your bots.
  • ScootKit Paste: A pastebin-like system to store and share text files in an encrypted way. Used by your bot to store, for example, logs or ticket transcripts.
  • Bot-Manager: A system to manage hosted bots and communicating with Bot-Hosts on SCNX.
  • Bot-Host: A server hosting bots. Users can switch their Bot-Host in the dashboard.
  • SCNX Helper Program: A program to allow involved community members with technical knowledge about SCNX to receive recognition and perks based as an "SCNX Helper" on our Discord server.
  • ScootKit Moderator: Program designed to allow community members to moderate, organize events and more on our Discord server.
  • ScootKit RSS Hub: System designed to handle traffic and notifications for CustomBot Notification-Modules.
  • and more… 😉