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The SCNX Toolbox is a set of tools designed to make your life as a professional Discord-User easier.

Included in these plans

Included in the Starter-Plan (free for ever)
Included in the Active-Guild-Plan (€3.00 / month)
Included in the PRO-Plan (€6.00 / month)
Final prices depend on your currency and payment interval and will be displayed before purchase.


Lookup any Discord-User or Bot by their Discord-ID! Simply enter it above and see their banner, profile picture, badges and more. To copy a User-ID, first enable discord developer mode, then right-click on the user and click on "Copy User ID".

Next, enter the ID in the User-Lookup tool. Click on "Fetch user" to finish your request. You'll be shown details about the user and can download their banner and profile picture (if applicable). Here's how the result will look like:


Use the Timestamp-Generator to insert and times in messages on Discord. The time will be displayed in the local timezone of the user - no more confusion with all these timezones. Simply select a time & date in the Timestamp-Generator tool, select a format, copy the result and paste in discord. Your time will be displayed in Discord once you send your message.

Here are all available formats:

Short time9:52 PM
Long time9:52:29 PM
Short date08/30/2023
Long dateAugust 30, 2023
Short Date/Time (default)August 30, 2023 9:52 PM
Long Date/TimeWednesday, August 30, 2023 9:52 PM
Relative time3 minutes ago

SCNX Level-XP-Calculator

Use the Level-XP-Calculator to calculate how much XP a user needs to reach this level in the Leveling-System of the SCNX CustomBot. Just enter the level in the Level-XP-Calculator tool, to see how much XP is required for users to reach that level.

Helpful tips & tricks for your Level-System

  • Every user starts at Level 1.
  • While you can not adjust the XP needed to get to a new level, you can change how much XP users are going to earn per messages, giving you essentially the power to control Level-Ups as well.
  • This calculation does not give you any information about how many messages it takes to get to this level.
  • The formular to calculate the required XP is the following: XPNeededToLevelUp = (LevelToCalculate - 1) * 750 + ((LevelToCalculate - 1) * 500) [XP]
  • We suggest resetting XP of your server periodically, so new members can easier archive high rankings - give older, active members some sort of compensation in return ❤️

So-called "GLink"s URLs are often used when referring users of SCNX to specific resources in the dashboard of their server. To create a GLink, first visit any site of your server on Next, copy the full URL and paste GLink-Generator tool. Copy the result and share it with anyone - they will be able to open the same page you accessed on their server.