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Get started on SCNX

Getting started on SCNX requires a quick setup, but you'll be able to create your own Discord-Bot right after that.

0. What is SCNX (not)

SCNX is desinged for communities. You can not create a public bot on SCNX, instead you can create a bot for your server that you can completely customize.

1. Log in to SCNX


To use SCNX, you agree to our SCNX Terms of Service and other legal documents. Please make sure to read them before continuing 😉

Head over to to get started. You'll be asked to login with your Discord-Account. To do that, just click on the "Login with Discord" button. If you're wondering why we need access to certain data of you (" scopes"), you can find the answere in our FAQ.

2. Add the server to SCNX

Next, you'll see the server overview page. Here you can see all servers you have access to. Select the server you want to set up SCNX on.

Can't find your server?

Please make sure you are the owner of a server in order to add it to SCNX. If not, ask the owner to set up SCNX and give you Trusted Admin Permissions. If you've recently created a server and it is not visible in the dashboard, refresh the server list using the "Refresh data" button on the bottom of the page.

3. Add the SCNX Bot to your server

Next, you'll need to add the SCNX Bot to your server. This bot allows our Dashboard to work and is able to create server backups, show analytics into your server and more (all these features are opt-in - no data gets stored by default). This bot is required to work.

To invite the SCNX Bot, click on the "Invite verified SCNX Manager-Bot" in your dashboard and confirm that you want to add the bot. Please make sure to leave the "Create invite" permission enabled (this is required if you want to use SCNX).

Next, return to SCNX and click on "Done, check again" to continue the setup process.

4. Accept our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

To finish setup, you'll need to to agree to our SCNX Terms of Service and SCNX Privacy Note. These documents contain important information about how you can use SCNX and how we will process data (tl;dr: We only process data to provide the service).

5. You are done

Your server has been successfully added to SCNX 🎉 You can now start by creating your own bot or modmail-bot or explore all features on your own - our documentation & staff on our Discord is always here to help.